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Welcome and thank you for visiting Victor Kraus's Homepage. It’s a pleasure having you here. Victor welcomes you to explore his work as a percussionist, producer, composer, into education, contemporary, classical, electro an traditional music, projects in theatre and even sports. All this work finds place with other wonderful musicians and artists he is grateful to work with. And that’s about: reflecting what surrounds us, asking uncomfortable quesitons, create through the artist's profession and the work with others artists, interconnections acting as a model for community.

Enjoy the surf.

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  • 17/07/2024
    100 Years Simeon ten Holt - Canto Ostinato - Victor Kraus GROUP
    Trier, Germany Moselmusikfestival
  • 20/07/2024
    Dock in Absolute Blues&Jazz Festival Luxembourg
    Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • 14/09/2024
    On tour with Dock in Absolute
    Gelsenkirchen, Germany New Colours Festival
  • 12/10/2024
    Baba Yaga
    Eschdorf Luxembourg
  • 21/10/2024
    On tour with Dock in Absolute
    Allensbach, Germany Gnadenkirche
  • 21/11/2024
    On tour with Dock in Absolute
    Kassel Germany
  • 07/03/2025
    On tour with Dock in Absolute (private event)
    Zürich, Switzerland Private Venue
  • 25/04/2025
    On tour with Dock in Absoulte
    Hannover Germany
  • 13/05/2025
    On tour with Dock in Absoulte
    Ruhr, Germany Klavier Vestival Ruhr
  • 12/07/2025
    Baba Yaga
    Oreshak, Bulgaria Jazz & Art Festival Troyan
  • 19/09/2025
    Baba Yaga Concert de Midi
    Luxembourg , Luxembourg Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

Latest Release

  • NoMad - "VOLT" (2020)

    Bulgarian, Greek, Indian, Argentinian..., Grooves&Vibes, World Music

    1. Suite Hellénique - Pedro Iturralde
    2. Tango Pour Ludwig - Gorka Hermosa
    3. Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla
    4. Brehme - Gorka Hermosa
    5. L'Aube enchantée (sur le Raga de Todi) - Ravi Shankar
    6. Anantango - Gorka Hermosa
    7. La Gnossienne - Erik Satie
    8. Piazonore - Alexej Gerassimez
    9. Bulgarian Suite - Vyatcheslav Semionov

    Produced by Charel Stolz (HoltzSound) - Tuntange - Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (2020)
    Label: Perc.Pro
    Graphics by Laurent Schmit

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New Album

Victor Kraus releases his brand new, blasting album "100 Years Simeon ten Holt - CANTO OSTINATO".

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