Canto Ostinato

Canto Ostinato

A sound experience of it’s own, 75 minutes of pure music without interruption, emotional, rhythmical, melodic. One of the most performed Dutch pieces interpreted by the extraordinary musicians of the VICTOR KRAUS GROUP. An unheard and unprecedented version integrating strings and winds, specially authorized by the publisher Donemus Amsterdam.

For this project Victor Kraus brings together 6 to 7 of the most well known Luxembourgish musicians: Kae Shiraki (piano), Aniela Stoffels (flute), Max Mausen (clarinet), Anik Schwall (cello), Guy Frisch (vibraphone) and Victor Kraus (marimba). A group of musicians specially formed for this magnificent piece, normally played by keys (pianos, percussions, etc.) but never integrating winds, strings or electronics.

A minimal music master piece with a duration of 1 to 24 hours; 106 musical blocks repeated ad libitum. A piece that will sound differently at every performance, because every musician is free to choose instantly which voice or/and which note of the notated rhythm he will play. A piece that makes straining one’s years, that makes one dream, meditate or slumber, a fascinating piece that makes one feel good.

The ingredients: one rhythm in quintuplets creates a basic pulsation, 106 blocks repeated ad libitum distinguish themselves clearly in harmony and sound. The transitions through bridges are not repeated and appear in an abrupt way, new material appears instantly without the imperceptible fade-ins, so typical characteristic for the early minimal music pieces. A melody that uncouples itself from the texture and metamorphose suddenly into theme and accompaniment, strong musical effects, an undulating and hypnotic music; strong emotions is the result for the listener.

Execution Details

Duration: variable! – can be adapted to the event. Standard concert version: approximately 75’-80’ without break.

Available/possible versions of the project

  1. Sextet: 2018/2019 version without electronics. venues: classical, jazz, alternative, crossover, festivals, etc.
  2. Septet: 2020 version with electronics, integrating electronics as a special element; Emre Sevindik, high quality electro musician joins the group as a perfect partner to put in execution a very special idea: integrating into this monumental piece the element of electronics and through this creating an emblematic piece in matter of sound experience. venues: electro, alternative, club venues, crossover festivals, etc.

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Upcoming Shows

  • 24/03/2023
    Canto Ostinato_Concert de midi
    Luxembourg , Luxembourg coming soon
  • 11/04/2023
    Record Session (Résidence @ Trifolion) - Canto Ostinato VKGroup
    Echternach, Luxembourg Trifolion
  • 07/10/2023
    CD Release Concert VKGroup Canto Ostinato
    Echternach , Luxembourg Trifolion

Booking & Management

Victor Kraus
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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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